Conquerors For Christ Volume 3
Conquerors For Christ Volume 5

Conquerors for Christ is anointed and illuminated Bible scholarship that will teach you how to assume and manifest the authority and power of Jesus Christ in these last days, asserting the same against, and enforcing the victory of the Cross of Christ and the power of His Resurrection over the enemy, sin, sin nature, death, sickness, oppression and possession of demons, the false preachers, prophets and teachers in the apostate church, and the ways of the world! You will learn how to be a king and priest of Almighty God by taking dominion over the marketplace to raise provision for His vision, as well as proclaiming Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world! You will learn how to become an executor, steward and trustee of the last Will and Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - His Gospel - thus executing His "Great Commission" and building up His Army of the Light!



Conquerors For Christ Volumes 1 - 5

Conquerors For Christ Volume 2

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