What I Hate, That Do I


After reading this book, a man said to me, "Brother Swaggart, every believer in the world desperately needs to read this." How right he was, and how right he is. These pages take us into Paul's personal life, especially the early days, perhaps even several years of his living for Christ and his ministry. It was and is a picture of his struggle – trying to live for God and walk holy and pure before The Lord, yet failing. The question becomes why?

The answer to that question is the same answer that all of us need. I believe, and in fact I know, that the answer will be found in this book. For those who desire to live for God as they should and who desire to be what they ought to be – and that should include all of us – I think the answer is found in page after page of what you are about to read. 

The Apostle Paul

​We must understand that Paul was a very strong-willed individual. He had a character that was extremely strong, yet despite every effort he made, Paul found that he could not successfully live for The Lord. He found himself doing the very thing he hated. Now there is something here that I want you to see – something most Christians have never thought of, and possibly will not believe when they do consider it: most Christians are trying to live for God by means of willpower. 

The Will Of The Individual

While one's will is most definitely important, it is still impossible for the believer to live for God in that fashion, at least successfully; there will be nothing but acute failure. 

This means that Satan can actually override the will of a believer, forcing that believer to do something that he or she does not want to do. In fact, it happens millions of times every day. 

Let me say it again: Satan can override the will of the believer. That being the case, most would claim that the person is not responsible. 

The situation begins long before the will is brought into play. The question is this: is the believer going to try to live God's way, or to try to do it on his own? Sad to say, most are trying to live for God by ways they have concocted themselves. That's where the problem begins, and it always ends in failure.

When you finish this book, I believe you will say exactly the same thing that brother said to me a short time ago, "Brother Swaggert, every believer in the world ought to read this."